We are an NGO founded in September 2015 in Mendrisio, Switzerland, from an idea of a group of people united by a common goal: help to raise public awareness about geohazards and environmental and cultural heritage protection. Too many catastrophes, not only in Italy but all over the world, are due to lack of a proper information about risks, vulnerability and how to reduce it, at the same time creating new job opportunities for the present and next generation.

Our NGO is engaged in promoting lessons, workshps, seminars, public events, where they key goal is to group together citizens and experts to discuss and find solutions to make our environment and our cultural heritage safer and better.

A privileged target for our NGO is the media sector, as journalists and media specialists have the capability of playing a fundamental role in fostering environmental hazard awareness. And to do so, they need to consider scientists and science as an opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge of such crucial topics. Scientists, on the other hand, must understand that if their research has to have an impact on society, it must be disseminated and popularized to society.

GeoSocial, an NGO made of geologists, media observers and journalists, will work to make those synergies possible.